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How to Invest in Physical Metal Palladium

Precious metals offer the investor the opportunity to possess real physical metal in the form of bullion bars or rounds. Bullion is readily available from the precious metals of gold, silver, platinum and now, palladium. The purchase price of bullion from reputable dealers is normally on a spot plus basis, that is, the current market spot price of the metal plus the dealer markup or transaction fee. When the investor wishes to sell the bullion, the bullion dealer will purchase it back, again at spot. A transaction fee may apply.

palladium bullion bars in packagingPalladium bullion is readily available for purchase from many online sources. As with other forms of precious metal bullion, ownership of palladium offers the similar investment opportunities as the better known gold or silver.

The highest refined purity palladium available is refined by Johnson Matthey from ore mined by the Stillwater Mining Company.





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