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Oct 12/2012 Capital Magazine, Palladium: The Investment of Choice

May 1, 2012 Brookhaven Lab Scientist Named 'Inventor of the Year' For Fuel Cell Research


Dec 20, 2010 Palladium American Eagle Coin Act passed


May 25, 2010 Brown Chemists Develop Longer Lasting Fuel Cell


Jan 20,2010, Visible light photocatalyst kills bacteria, viruses in the dark
Aug 20, 2009, Johnson Matthey ships hydrogen and nitrogen purifiers for PV manufacturing
April 20, 2009 Cold Fusion Is Hot Again, CBS 60 Minutes Report
April 20, 2009 Platinum and Palladium Markets Find Their Own Stimulus
April 6, 2009 Baucus, Tester introduce palladium coin bill
April 1, 2009 Palladium Power

March 26, 2009 Navy Scientists Zip Lips on Cold Fusion Tests

March 23, 2009 Brown study may mean cheaper fuel cells
Mar 13, 2009 Platinum-palladium catalyst aids new garbage recycler 11th March 2009
Feb 20, 2009 Gold-palladium nanoparticles achieve greener, smarter production of hydrogen peroxide
Jan 29, 2009 World Shows New Love for Palladium
Jan, 7, 2009 Breakthrough turn-on for hydrogen power
Dec, 18 2008 Designer shows off first palladium jewellery
Dec, 4, 2008 Canon gets green light to launch palladium-based SED televisions
Oct 1,2008 PGMs playing their part in advanced biofuel development
Aug 22, 2008, Palladium increasingly used in catalysts
July 10, 2008 Palladium alloy used in new membrane

May 19 2008, House Authorizes Palladium Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Coin

April 9 2008, Palladium Recreated Saint-Gaudens Coins Proposed
April 1 2008 Investing in Palladium
13 Febuary 2008, Palladium and platinum detection kits licensed by Luminos
23 January 2008, Scientists develop palladium catalyst for selective partial hydrogenations
8 January 2008, Palladium catalyst used in 'cheaper' method of making acrylic acid
2 January 2008, Technologue: H2 Go - "The fuel of the future" may not always be
30 October 2007, New palladium compound 'more resistant to corrosion'
29 October 2007, Palladium electrodes used in carbon nanotube radio
9 October 2007, Palladium and Gold may be used to clean up toxic waste sites
13th September 2007, Mobile phone growth boost for palladium demand
24th August 2007, Palladium jewellery proving popular
31 July 2007, Johnson Matthey unveils new purifiers
26 July 2007, Parmigiani Fleurier launches palladium sports watch
19 July 2007, Palladium insert set for big future
18 July 2007, Platinum chromium alloy used in new stent
25 June 2007, First flexible hydrogen sensors with palladium nanoparticles developed
22 June 2007, Palladium alloy boosts hydrogen production
4 June 2007, Palladium generating support in jewelry sector
22 May 2007, Palladium shines on higher demand from automakers
3 May 2007, Clothes using palladium coated nanoparticles can prevent infections and fight pollution
23 March 2007, Palladium fuel cell sensor developed
21 March 2007, Palladium Becoming More Popular in China
21 March 2007, Palladium engine technology used in new Daihatsu
14 March 2007, E-Trading goes platinum
9 March 2007, Palladium Photocatalyst makes better use of visible light
5 March 2007, New rules cut emissions from trains and ships 5th March 2007
26 Febuary 2007, Stillwater plans to increase PGM output and records profit
30 January 2007, Palladium used for switchable glass
23 January 2007, The New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc. announced today that it will change margins for its platinum and palladium futures contracts.
23 January 2007,Palladium implant gets European backing
22 January 2007, South Africa, Mining concerns over power supply
16 January 2007 , Canon takes over SED production
14 January 2007, Scientists remove major impediment in way of fuel cell technology
9 January 2007, Russian export delay impact on the world platinum and palladium markets.
4 January 2007, Precious metals to remain bullish as industrial demand offers price support.
5 December 2006, Palladium proves positive in cancer treatment.

13th September 2006, Palladium catalyst removes perchlorate from water.

15th May 2006, Palladium demand recovery continues as jewellery manufacturing increases sharply in China.
Jubilee exploring potentially world-class deposit in Madagascar
Palladium helps revolutionize TV
Palladium is set to have a large impact on the next phase of development in the television world. Canon and Toshiba have announced a new joint venture to develop and distribute a new flat-panel display technology known as surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED).
Platinum and gold across a continent
AfriOre, listed on Toronto and AIM (ticker symbol AFO), is extending to the platinum group metals (“PGE”) mineralization at its primary project, the Akanani property on the northern limb of South Africa’s Bushveld Complex.

Implats Settles with Labor, Avoids Strike
Mineweb intervrviews Implats CEO Keith Rumble

Chinese jewellery demand spurs palladium growth
Global demand for palladium used in the manufacture of jewellery surged from 7.8 t in 2003 to 28.6 t in 2004 thanks to the rapid introduction of palladium jewellery in China
Palladium inventories dwindling
Stillwater Mining President and CEO Frank McAllister noted Monday that company palladium inventories are dwindling.
Platinum Supply, Demand Nearly in Balance
The platinum market was more or less in balance last year and should remain that way during 2005, according to Johnson Matthey.
Impala agrees major development deal
Impala Platinum has announced a major new deal that will see the company develop its Highbank Lake platinum-palladium property.
NAP sees palladium production fall
North American Palladium (NAP) has announced it is set to miss its 2005 palladium production estimate.
Palladium sinks in thin European trade
While gold, silver and platinum have been in consolidation mode after Friday’s push lower, palladium has run into trouble trading to a 2-year low.
More Palladium Info, But More Needed
The long-awaited authorisation for disclosure of information on Norilsk’s PGM production, sales, inventory and ore reserves has now been granted.
Russia Declassifying PGM Data
The Russian Finance Ministry has revealed that Russia has declassified pgm statistics
Dynacraft Industries Licenses Samsung's Patented Nickel-Palladium-Gold Plating Technology
Palladium-based solution could help guard against earthquake.
A palladium-based oily liquid that turns to jelly when blasted with sound waves could prevent buildings from collapsing during earthquakes, new research has found.

Platinum/Palladium gap hits $700
The price gap between platinum and palladium has broken through $700/oz from a state of equilibrium just 45 months ago.

Palladium sales of Nornickel for the year 2004 grew by 57%
Two Rivers Platinum gets green light
Two Rivers, a proposed platinum mine on the eastern limb of South Africa’s Bushveld Complex, has been given the go-ahead by its joint venture partners, African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) and Impala Platinum (Implats).
6th October 2004, Palladium cancer treatment delivers results
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