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palladium (Pd) research

Palladium in particular and the platinum group metals in general remain the subject of a great deal of ongoing research. From past research, the primary properties of these metals have become well known. These metals have proven essential to modern society, particularly in efforts to control emissions and clean our air, and they will figure heavily in emerging 21st century technologies.

On the pages reached from the links below, we will touch on a few high points of the research. If you are aware of research of which we should be aware and perhaps offer coverage here, we encourage you to get in touch.

Research into palladium and palladium alloys can be divided into several areas.

Palladium’s unique property relative to its absorption of hydrogen is a source of interest and further exploration of aspects of both hydrogenation and dehydrogenation.

A catalyst is any material which promotes a chemical reaction without being consumed in the reaction. As one of the most active catalysts of the platinum group metals, palladium is of high interest for further research.

Recent interest has burgeoned in the use of palladium and other precious metals in nanotechnology - the technology on the nanometer scale.

Research concerning the thermal or evaporative properties of palladium and its alloys.

Other research
This section includes research not falling into the categories above.

Several good sources of palladium research are:


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