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palladium (Pd) uses detailed

Softer than platinum, ductile and resistant to oxidation and high temperature corrosion, palladium is useful in eliminating harmful emissions produced by internal combustion engines. Autocatalysts are by far the largest user of palladium; autocatalysts convert over 90 percent of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen produced in the exhaust from gasoline engines into carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor. More about autocatalysts.

Palladium has a number of electronic applications. For example, palladium’s chemical stability and electrical conductivity make it an effective and durable alternative to gold for plating in electronic components. More about electronic uses .

Palladium-based alloys are used in dentistry for dental crowns and bridges. And palladium metal is also compatible with human tissue and is used, in a radioactive form, in the medical industry for the treatment of cancer. More about dental uses.

Palladium is lighter than platinum having about the same density as silver, thus, palladium is a jewelry metal as well. Palladium in jewelry is primarily used as an alloy with platinum to optimize platinum’s working characteristics and wear properties. Palladium is also used as an alloy in producing white gold. More about jewelry uses.

Palladium is an important part of the refining of nitric acid, and has important uses in developing raw materials for synthetic rubber and nylon. More about chemical uses.

Fuel Cells
Palladium-based alloys are actively being researched for applications in fuel cell technology, an area of future promise for the metal. More about fuel cell uses.

Palladium is an attractive metal for coinage purposes. Northwest Territorial Mint is actively minting both bullion coins for the bullion market, as well as custom coins from this attractive and precious metal. More about coinage uses.

Oil Refining
Palladium and other PGM metals serve important functions in catalytic reactions that are used in various stages in the refining of petroleum. More about petroleum refining.

Palladium is a critical catalyst in the manufacture of polyester. Read a first hand account about the development of that critical step.

Palladium and platinum are both used in an historic photographic printing process that many consider superior to conventional silver in tonal quality and archival longevity. More about palladium printing .

Water Treatment
Palladium is a unique and important catalyst being studied for use in removing a number of toxic and carcinogenic substances from groundwater. More about water treatment.

Hydrogen Purification
Palladium’s ability to absorb and desorb hydrogen depending on circumstances allows it to be an effective material to filter hydrogen from other gasses resulting in an ultra pure hydrogen gas. Find out more.

Palladium-103, a radioactive isotope of palladium, is seeing promissing applications in the treatement of prostate cancer. A newly emerging added area of research is potential use in the treatment of breast cancer. Find out more.

Other Uses
Palladium has some uses that rank as befitting royalty. Come see the royal coffemaker with which the preparation is not just a taste sensation, but an event as well. For an audio sensation, check out the palladium interconnect cables.


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